April 19, 2013 – Voice of Pentecost Elementary School, Monrovia, Liberia

On April 19, 2013, the Founder & CEO, Mr. Checago Bright-Sawo served as the Keynote Speaker of Voice of Pentecost Elementary School 6th year Gala’s Day Anniversary Located in Garnesville, Monrovia under the theme: “Every Child Needs A Smile.”

Excerpts of Mr. Bright-Sawo’s speech to the students:

“Though it is often said that you are the future of our beloved country– But I want you to know today that you are the foundation that this nation depends on–So if your foundation is not solid, you will not be prepared for the future that is often talked about. Therefore, I encourage you to take the right steps to building the solid foundation that this great nation will stand on.”

Some of the right steps to building this solid foundation are: attend school regularly, pay keen attention in class, and ask questions if you don’t know, study your lesson, do your homework properly, participate in class and school activities, and do not cheat your way to scoring 90s and 100s. Respect your peers, teachers, parents, authority, be humbled and lead by examples. Follow your dream with passion! I am not telling you that all of what I have said will be easy, but in order to realize your full potential, you must be educated…Checago Bright-Sawo

There are still challenges in the educational sector but some positive strives have been made by the government. We don’t only need free compulsory education but also compulsory quality education at all levels. The young people need the best education to move Liberia forward. I urge you the students to strive for a better tomorrow.”…Checago Bright-Sawo.



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