FY2014 Project I – David Fejue Elementary and Junior High School, Gbatala, Bong County

Project Type:  4 Rooms Modern/Flush Toilet and Hand Pump (Access To Clean Water & Adequate Sanitation)

Location: Gbartala, Bong County, Liberia

Number of People Impacted: 2,100 Direct | 3,530 Indirect

Funded By: Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Funding Partner: Generous Liberians and Friends of Liberia

Project Completion: March 30, 2014

Budget: $14,554.50

On March 30, 2014, the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) funded and built a four (4) room modern/flush toilet, a hand pump (access to clean and safe drinking water), and conducted a hygiene training in Gbartala, Bong County that supplies 5,630 residents with safe drinking water and a modern toilet facility to reduce waterborne diseases and high risk of dysentery, cholera, malaria and other infectious diseases. Funding of these projects was generated from donations of kind hearted Liberians, friends of Liberia, and a $10,000 grant from the Environmental Resources Management (ERM). The total amount spent on this project was $14,554.50.

Gbartala is situated in the central region of Liberia, 270 miles from Monrovia, and 30 miles from the capital city of Bong County, Gbarnga. Gbartala has approximately a total population of 5,630 inhabitants, who predominately are women and children. Prior to the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc., there were only 2 hand pumps and 2 latrines that were almost in ruin.

Consequently, many community dwellers used the nearby bushes to defecate, due to lack of adequate toilets, a situation which did not only cause embarrassment but also threatened the daily survival of the women and children. The black mamba or black Cobra is very common in the area to an extent that the Military Base was commonly called “Cobra Base.” It was reported by the Mayor of Gabrtala and community members that many people have been bitten by cobras and other serpents.



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