FY2014 Project II – Wenneh Town, Kakata Margibi County

Project Type: Playground

Location: Wenneh Town, Kakata, Margibi County

Number of People Impacted: 1800 Direct | 2040 Indirect

Funded By: Workingman Collective LLC

Funding Partner: Generous Liberians and Friends of Liberia

Project Completion: April 4, 2014

Total Budget: $12,500

On April 4, 2014, the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Workingman Collective, LLC funded and built a playground in Wenneh Town, Kakata, Margibi County for children. Wenneh Town is one of the impoverished communities in Kakata, Margibi County, which has an estimated population of 3,850. The town has 2 public and 2 private schools. 47% of the population are children, 32%, women, and 2% men. Most of the residents in Wenneh Town live on substance farming and small businesses. The children in Wenneh Town do not have anywhere for recreation, especially a playground where they can play after school, on weekends, vacation or during holidays.

This playground will serve as an impetus or a driven force to bring the children together to talk to each other, and to share their differences as they are from different schools and communities throughout Kakata, Margibi County. Also, parents will not have problem locating their children when needed.



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