FY2014 Project IV – Wredyu Town, Zeewin Clan, District #3A, Grand Bassa County

Project Title: Access To Clean And Safe Drinking Water (Hand Pump)

Location: Wredyu Town, Zeewin Clan, District #3A, Grand Bassa County

Number Of People Impacted: 700 residents of Wredyu Town.

Project Implementation: Checago Bright Foundation (CBF), Inc.

Funding Partners: Environmental Resources Management

Project Completion: May 22, 2014

Project Budget: $4,804.00

On May 22, 2014, the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) funded and built a Hand Pump (access to clean and safe drinking water), and conducted a water guide training in Wredyu Town, Grand Bassa County that supplies 700 residents with safe drinking water to reduce waterborne diseases and high risk of dysentery, cholera, and other infectious diseases. Funding of these projects was generated from donations of kind hearted Liberians, friends of Liberia, and a grant from the Environmental Resources Management (ERM). The total amount spent on this project was $4,804.00.

Project Summary

Wredyu Town, Zeewin Clan, District # 3A, Grand Bassa County, is a remote, isolated and underprivileged town with a population of approximately 700 residents, redominantly women and children. There is absolutely no proper sanitation facility or access to clean drinking water (hand pump), toilet facility, and clinic or health center.

Since the history of Wredyu Town, there has never been a single hand pump or toilet facility constructed. Residents are constrained to drink from local streams that are “unhygienic” because most people appear to be defecating in the nearby bushes.

Consequently, many children and adults contract life-threatening diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, chloral and other water borne diseases. Snake bites are also a common occurrence. Thus, because of its inaccessibility to vehicles and even motor bikes, many sick patients usually die while being taken in hammock to the city due to the long distance walk. CBF assessment team drove 5.5 hours and walked 30 minutes in the forest, crossing several makeshift bridges to reach Wredyu Town.

The absence of public latrines, the cross-contamination of the main water source – bathing, washing laundry, cooking-poses a serious public health hazard to the residents of Wredyu Town. This threat is potentially fatal for vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. This treat is further complicated by the fact that people defecate randomly in and around the town, thereby attracting flies and other vectors that causes, diarrhea, amebiasis, thyroid fever, and etc.

Based on CBF need-based assessment conducted on April 14 – 16, 2014, the need for clean and safe drinking water and toilet facility in Wredyu Town, could not be overemphasized. Thus, access to quality water and toilet facility in Wredyu Town was considered an emergency and treated with utmost urgency. Unfortunately, we could not build a modern toilet because of financial constraints…We hoped to raise the funds to go back to Wredyu Town and build a Modern.flush toielt faclity.

Note* Since January, Wredyu Town has lost over forty infants primarily due to lack of clean drinking water. Since its existence over 100 years, this is the first time the town has access to clean and safe drinking water.


Goal: To reduce environmental outbreaks, risk of water borne diseases, infant mortality, and increase the life span of the people in Wredyu Town, Grand Bassa County.



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