FY2015 Project III – Jallah Lone Town, Gokala Community, Gbarpolu County

Project Title: Jallah Lone Town Public Flush Toilet

Project Type: Four Rooms Modern Flush Toilet

Location: Jallah Lone Town, Gokala Community, Gbarpolu County

Impact: 600 Direct| 450 Indirect.

Project Implementation: Checago Bright Foundation, Inc.

Funded By: National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)

Funding partners: Liberians and Friends of Liberia

Project Completion: April 14, 2015

Project Budget: $9,674.50 USD

On April 14, 2015, The Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Liberians and friends of Liberia funded and built four rooms modern toilet facility, and conducted a hygiene training that supplies 1000 people of Jallah Lone Town to reduce waterborne diseases and high risk of dysentery, cholera, malaria and other infectious diseases.

Project Background

Jallah Lone Town is a major commercial township situated on Bopolu main road, Gbarpolu County and approximately 3 miles from Tubmanburg City, Bomi County. Jallah Lone Town is strategic for its ideal commercial location; it has a clinic “Gokala Community Clinic” and a school, which many villages and surrounding towns seek medical services and formal education.

Jallah Lone Town has approximate 1000 plus residents of which women and children account for 80 percent of its population. The town has been without a public toilet for the past 3 years. The only public toilet constructed by the Christian Children Funds (CCF) in 2006 sunk and collapsed.

Consequently, residents were constrained to using the nearby bushes to defecate. The situation became worse on general market days (every Tuesdays) when traders from distant places converged to trade goods; the bushes are consistently used by women, children, and men to defecate. Thus, the environment is polluted with unpleasant odors that make it unbearable to breathe, flies in the multitudes are attracted to the feces, and privacy was compromised. Lack of adequate improved sanitation in Jallah Lone Town needed urgent attention to prevent major outbreaks.


To reduce environmental outbreaks and increase the life span of the people of Gokala Community, Jallah Lone Town.


  • To provide residents and marketers with access to a modern latrine;
  • To create an enabling environment and reduce health risk;
  • To improve sanitary conditions and the environment;
  • To stop open defecation in the bushes by residents and marketers;
  • To reduce the risk of snakes and scorpion bites, to residents and marketers who are constantly using the bushes to defecate.

Community Involvement:

The people of Jallah Lone Town committed to do the following working in conjunction with the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. to ensure a safe and completed toilet project:

  •  Provide a parcel of land to construct the latrine;
  • Provide warehouse and security for the materials;
  • Provide crush rocks, water, and manpower to help the contractors construct the toilet;
  • Provide other assistance as needed.



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