Program Areas


The Checago Bright Foundation (CBF), Inc. programs cover an array of activities ranging from:

  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Adequate sanitation
  • Educational programs
  • Advocacy


The Checago Bright Foundation(CBF), Inc. beneficiaries are underprivileged communities and children that are desperately in need of clean and safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, educational initiatives, and advocacy in Liberia.

Our Approach:

The CBF intends to maximize the donations it receives to provide opportunities and services to underprivileged and underserved communities throughout Liberia. To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs, implementation will be in phases according to the guidelines, policies and procedures set forth by the organization and involved parties of Liberia.

In light of the high poverty rate and limited resources available to enable us to serve the entire country simultaneously, the CBF focuses on the most severely affected and the most densely populated communities. Priority for our programs and services will be given to the highest needs communities.


All aspects of our programs will be administered and implemented by the Executive Management Team of the organization. Where needed, the Foundation will collaborate and partner with Liberian government ministries and agencies, international organizations, and other community-based organizations with related programs. In most cases, our programs will be executed in four phases:

  • Needs Assessment, (Data collection, identification and selection of volunteers and targeted¬†communities);
  • The establishment of program and procurement of logistics and office equipment for project¬†implementation;
  • Training of youth volunteers and development of project implementation strategies;
  • Project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

All programs are implemented by the Foundation Program Coordinator, Field Officer and supervised by the Chief Executive Director/CEO. The Program Coordinator develops and coordinates all program activities for implementation; design and evaluate strategies of various projects and report to the Chief Executive Director/CEO.

The Field Officer monitors the program implementation, evaluate field activities and report to the Program Coordinator. Technical and material support will be generated from various donors and stakeholders. The CBF, Inc. provides office space for personnel to enhance and administer implementation of the programs.


Future adjustments will be made continuously to this profile contingent upon situational and assessment reports for program enhancement, flexibility and successful implementation as needed in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc.

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