FY2012 Project I – Kra-kpacon Town, Lower Margibi (Three room modern latrine Pit-toilet and renovated hand pump)

The Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. through continued support and commitment from its sponsors, donors and stakeholders, has worked over the past few years to impact communities in Liberia. CBF now has an indelible presence in all the communities it has served throughout the country.

Prior to the work of the Foundation in Kra-kpacon, the community did not own a single latrine for public use. As a result, residents were forced to defecate in the bushes, which pose serious health and environmental hazards to the community, as well as exposed women and children to daily prevailing dangers such as poisonous snakes, scorpions, etc. Often times many residents were forced to use plastic bags as toilet disposal. These bags of untreated waste would remain in homes until they are disposed of in the nearby bushes or waste sites, which increase the likelihood of villagers contracting some deadly diseases.

There was one functional hand pump in the entire town that had ceased to be operational for the past two years. Residents were compelled to fetch drinking water from a nearby stagnant stream which banks were littered with bags of untreated human wastes.



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