FY2015 Project II – Zanzalah Town, Gungbah Clan ( District # 1), Gbarpolu County

Project Title: Access To Clean & Safe Drinking Water

Project Type: Public Hand Pump

Location: Zanzarlah Town, Gungbah Clan ( District # 1), Gbarpolu County

Number of People Impacted: 527 Direct | Indirect 150

Project Implementation: Checago Bright Foundation, Inc.

Funded By: National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)

Funding Partners: Liberians and Friends of Liberia

Completion Date: April 19, 2015

Project Budget: $4,704.00

On April 28, 2015, The Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in partnership with National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Liberians and friends of Liberia provided funding for the building of a Public Hand Pump to provide clean and safe drinking water. Training was also conducted on a guide to water, to 527 people of Zanzarlah Town, who have never had access to clean and safe drinking water since their existence as a town.

Project Background

Zanzarlah Town, Gunbah Clan, District # 1, Gbarpolu County, is a remote, isolated, and underprivileged town with an approximate population of 527 residents, predominately women and children; there is no clean water or adequate sanitation. Children do not have access to school, and there is no clinic or health center in the town.

The absence of clean and safe drinking water, the cross-contamination of the main water source-bathing, washing laundry, cooking poses a serious public hazard to the people of Zanzarlah and its surrounding villages. This threat is potentially fatal for the vulnerable population especially the children and the elderly.

Additionally, there has never been a single hand pump (access to clean & safe drinking water) constructed in Zanzarlah and its surrounding villages. Residents of Zanzarlah are constrained to drink from a nearby stream of water that is “unhygienic.”

Consequently, many kids and adults lost their lives due to diarrhea, cholera and other water borne diseases. Thus, because of its inaccessibility to vehicles or motor bikes, many ill people usually die while being taken in a hammock to Jallah Lone town, because of the long distance walk.

The Checago Bright Foundation, Inc.’s assessment team, walked for hours in the forest, near the back of the Kpoloe Mountain, crossing several makeshift or monkey bridges to reach Zanzarlah town.

Based on CBF’s need based assessment conducted on April 7 to 8, 2014, the need for clean and safe drinking water in Zanzarlah, could not be overemphasized. Thus, access to quality water in Zanzarlah was considered an emergency and treated with utmost urgency.


To reduce risk of water borne diseases, infant mortality, and increase the life span of the people of Zanzarlah and its surrounding villages.


Provide clean and safe drinking water for the people of Zanzarlah and its surrounding villages.


  • Constructed a Public Hand Pump for the people of Zanzarlah Town and its surrounding towns;
  • Organized training for the residents of Zanzarlah and its surrounding towns to learn how to properly use and maintain the hand pump.

Community Involvement:

A meeting was convened by the CBF team with the leadership and residents of Zanzarlah, and its surrounding towns, in which they expressed their absolute commitment to work with the Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. in the followings:

  • Provided warehouse and security for all constructional materials;
  • Helped with the transportation of materials from vehicle dropped point to the town;
  • Provided the parcel of land to construct the hand pump;
  • Provided manpower assistance to construct the hand pump.



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